Global Horizons was formerly called the Rees Howells Trust which was established in Wales in 1924 in Swansea, Wales. His vision was to ‘seed the nations’ with the Christian message. His incredible story of faith and prayer is captured in ‘Rees Howells -Intercessor’ and this book also chronicles the start of the UK training arm of Global Horizons at the Bible College of Wales, now renamed Trinity School of Theology. He passed the work to his son Samuel who faithfully carried on the work until 2004 when he died. Samuel then passed the work to its current trustees. In September 2010 Global Horizons merged with the Lifelink International charity as it was already working very closely with the charity through its church network.

Lifelink International was birthed in 1997 simply out of churches relating together, particularly facilitated by the apostolic ministry of Alan Scotland. The desire of the churches was simply to strengthen one another in relationship for the good of the gospel and the extension of the kingdom both locally and globally. This continues to be the core ethos of Lifelink.

The humanitarian partnerships that form an integral part of Global Horizons allow the charity to reach out to the needy across the world. Opportunity to Hope provides grants to numerous projects and has touched thousands of people. There are also several other projects that Global Horizons’ works closely with in order to fulfill the great commission of going out into all the world to preach the gospel.
Global Horizons has a board of 5 trustees who oversee the various ministries. They are:
Alan Scotland
Ian Rawley
Barry Fitzpatrick
Chris Williams
Keith Brockbank

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