Dear Friends,

Greetings from a very hot and sunny Lusaka (of which more later).

Our biggest project on the go at the moment is helping the leadership of both the Bible College (Hope College Zambia) and the NGO (Africa Enterprise Trust Zambia) to work out how to reconfigure the land they currently occupy in a way that can generate some sustainable income for each organisation. D is working hard with meetings with each group of board members and joint board meetings to help them come up with a workable proposal/plan that is owned by the local leadership. We need prayer for this – there is now some degree of time pressure to get this moving – but D is keen not to be seen to be coming up with all the answers as that doesn’t gain long term buy-in and acceptance. We have an American missionary friend here who said that his organisation’s land issues took 7 years to resolve – we are praying for much faster than that!

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