The LOVE SPEAKS Documentary Film Series is a unique historical, educational and impartational journey for a modern generation. 

Based on the book Love Speaks: 21 Ways to Recognize God’s Multi-Faceted Voice, each episode in the series focuses on a “Way” that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit speak and shares stories of how God has faithfully spoken to every generation.  If you are yearning to grow in your relationship with the LORD and recognize His voice more clearly, you will be blessed. 

Series Overview

Episode 1, Way #1:  The Established Word
Episode 2, Way #2: The Living Word
Episode 3, Way #3: The Inner Witness
Episode 4, Way #4: The Inner Voice
Episode 5, Way #5:  The Inner Desires
Episode 6, Way #6: Nature & Creation
Episode 7, Way #7: Providence

These episodes are being shown on TBN and can be streamed by going to CLICK HERE

To go to the Love Speaks web site, CLICK HERE