Randall Morgan Ordained To A Ministry Of Reconciliation

Alan Scotland is traveling to the Belmont Church in Nashville, TN speaking at Belmont’s Saturday evening service and both services on Sunday. 

He will also join with the pastor and mission pastor of Belmont Church in the ordination of Randall Morgan recognizing his ministry mission into Europe.

Randall Morgan from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Randall Sharing His Ministry and Call

This is significant in heaven and earth and truly we are aligned together in the ministry of the Kingdom of God. Let’s all be in prayer for Randall.

Perhaps Randall is best knows for his leadership of SOZO Festival. The SOZO Festival began in1998 on a farm in south-east Hungary but soon moved to Baja, Hungary where we made our home for 8 years until 2006.  From 2009-2011 we hosted 3 SOZO events in England and returned to Serbia in 2012 and 2013.

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February 2014 eNews

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Ministry Trip To Goa, India

Tender Heart Ministry To The Poor

We visited the children’s day care centre as well as were part of the graduation for the tailoring school. To get a glimpse of all that the Tender Heart Foundation is doing.

Tender Heart is a foundation that works to improve the life of the poor in Goa, India through Day Care Schools for children living in the slums and tailoring schools for women who would have no hope but to be involved in the sex trade.

Truly, Francis and Alison Pidigu are advancing the kingdom of God in practical ways that we are proud to share with you. Watch the video below for an awesome view of what God is doing in Goa.

Tender Heart 2014 from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

New Training Centre Location

We are so excited about the piece of land that Francis has secured to build the Tender Heart Centre which is a multi-purpose complex. It houses a church, education facility (children), and training facility (tailoring, computer). There remains £8.000 ($13,000) more needed for funding the project. Let us continue to pray that God will provide all that they need to complete the project. Below is a short video where they will be building.

Pastor’s Conference

We also ministered to the pastors relate with Francis Pidigu at a conference he lined up on the Kingdom of God.

It was a joy to link up with a number of churches in the area of Goa that are looking toward us for some help and strengthening. We look to see what we can do to further strengthen the church there in Goa as well as those who came from Karnataka.

The theme of the conference was “for such a time as this – seeking first the kingdom”

All the speakers who came to minster spoke on the theme the “Kingdom of God” and having “A Kingdom mind”. This teaching came to the pastors at just the right time. Watch the short video below for just a glimpse of clips of four of the speakers.

Goa Pastor’s Conference 2014 Overview from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Goa Pastor’s Conference


It is a great privilege to write and share this report with you about the recent Pastor’s Conference that took place here in Goa, India.

But, before the conference, not wanting to miss any opportunities, we had an evening meeting on Saturday the 18th of January in which all the churches in Margoa city were invited to attend. It was great to see over 80 people and 7 pastors with their wives were able to come. That evening, Alan K. Scotland spoke on the parable of ten virgins, and gave 3 applications for the parable: Being wise, staying strong when facing difficult times and having compassion to help the poor. His message had a great impact on those in attendance. At the end of the meeting, people came forward for prayer and recommitted their lives to stay strong in the Lord.

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