Lifelink/Global eNews, June 2015

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” Ps 24:1

In spite of the challenges we face in our world today, there’s enough evidence revealing God is very much on the throne at work on His earth with what he is doing among the churches across the world.

Although small, we have an exciting part, in our partnerships across apostolic networks and across our own network of churches on several continents.

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Lifelink Churches Help With Hub Centre In Hatcliffe

Hatcliffe is the central church for Mission In Christ Fellowship. The need is to build a place to host conferences, Hope College, and other gatherings to build the relationships within Mission in Christ Fellowship, but even more for all of our gatherings that include all of the networks we are working with (Lovemore Madavo, Livingstone Nwande, Silent Gwashavanhu & Simon Majoni and others (as well as our Zambia partners).

The Lifelink group of churches are helping out with finance and this video is Barry Fitzpatrick presenting Silent Gwashavanhu the seed money for the project.

Silent and Barry Interview # 2 (Lifelink Gives Money To Help With The Hub Building) from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

O2H eNews Summer 2015

The Summer eNews is now ready for you to read all of the projects to which we are giving grants.

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Water For Hatcliffe O2H Project, Zimbabwe

This past year Opportunity 2 Hope gave a grant to Missions Fellowship in Christ Church, Hatcliffe, Zimbabwe for a borehole that would not only supply the church, but 1,000 families.

The Mission Fellowship In Christ Church, Hatcliffe has dramatically blessed their community with life-giving clean water. O2H and others gave to this project.

Water For Hatcliffe O2H Project from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Borrowdale Orphanage In Harare, Zimbabwe

Opportunity 2 Hope is beginning raising funds for the building of an ablution block (toilets and showers) for an orpanage in Harare known as the Borrodale Orphanage. Managed by Voice of Peace, the orphanage has about 100 children who have found themselves without parents due to the AIDS HIV epidemic.

These children are happy and well balanced, but in February 2015 found themselves with the closing of the orphanage due to the health department requiring a new ablution block. The country of Zimbabwe has been experiencing a cholera outbreak, and the health department has as a result become even more strict.

The children are currently being temporarily housed with families in the churches in the Borrowdale community but the need is urgent.

Because the unemplyment rate is 86%, the people there have no ability to build an ablution without help. This is where Opportunity 2 Hope can make a difference.

The costs of this project are above our normal grants and we are seeking people like you who would like to make a difference in the lives of these children.

The founders of Voice of Peace are Tatenda & Lucia Gunguwo. They have a specific focus to help vulnerable children and adults including: 585 churches, 4 orphanages, several schools, helping those caught up in human trafficking, Support groups for those with HIV, drug counseling, medical clinics for the unemployed, etc.

Please take a look at this video to see the children and the needs.

Borrowdale Orphanage Project from Global Horizons on Vimeo.