Introducing Voice of Peace and Eternal Word Ministries, Zimbabwe

Tatenda and Lucia Guguwo are the founders of Eternal Word Ministries, a group of 585+  churches in Zimbabwe. Founded under a tree in 1991 God called them to the people that are despised and rejected, people that are misfits that were not welcome in the churches and communities in which they lived.

Voice of Peace Zimbabwe from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Voice of Peace is a non-profit organization in Zimbabwe serving the vulnerable children through many means.

Alan Scotland had visited Tatenda and Lucia in 2014. Because we have been in relationship with leaders who have been joined in heart in Zimbabwe and Zambia, Alan asked Jim Munson to go to visit Voice of Peace/Eternal Word Ministries in May 2015. This is a new ministry to us and Jim has given video reports of this new (to us) ministry. Tatenda also visited Lifelink/Global Horizons in November, 2014. 

Most of the churches are in the poor rural areas and townships. God told Tatenda, that through the teaching of the Word, God would transform and change these people’s lives into men and women who would be “names among names”  in the communities from which they came.

Eternal Word Ministries has a Bible School and builds leaders through leadership training.

When Tatenda started in this ministry, God put children on his heart. Children who were orphaned because of AIDS and HIV. Even before Tatenda married Lucia, he was challenged to do something. He only lived in one room, but still he took in 6 boys. Within a short time, he couldn’t fit them all in so he looked for a bigger place, a house.

He was only taking in the older boys above 12 or 13 years old, but when he married Lucia, she had a burden for the small children and soon they were running an orphanage. Today they have four orphan homes with over 240 children.

Today, some of the children are now attending University. Twenty-three of them are now pastoring chuches.

It became clear to both Tatenda and Lucia that they needed to address the spiritual, the physical and social needs of the people. Thus, they founded, Voice of Peace Organization as a non-profit organization to meet the needs in the communities. Beyond the orphanages, Voice of Peace has significantly met the needs of over 6,000 children. They have started support groups for those living with AIDS and HIV. They have started mobile health clinics to make up for the gap in health care due to the economic problems in the country. The unemployment rate is 86%.

They have feeding programmes for over 2,000 children and because the children need an education, they started 5 schools with over 2,000 children. This past year the Epworth school grade 7 had a 92% pass rate for the state exams. They really don’t have resources to meet all of these needs, but they are trusting that God will supply.

They run Adventure Camps for children.

They have a sports programme to involve youth and young adults. This keeps the youth away from drugs and anti-social behavior.

They have set up a centre to save children who have been trafficked in the sex trade. They have rescued and rehabilitated 70 girls since they started in 2010.

They have a counseling centre because so many of the children have had issues with abuse and other challenges that need this kind of help.

Lucia started the Esther School of marriage to mentor couples into just how to have a successful and meaningful marriage. As part of this she started Lucia Creations which has to do with wedding decor and catering.

Lucia also has a weekly Radio programme and is well known throughout Zimbabwe.

David L’Herroux “The Glory Of God”

David L’Herroux spoke on “The Manifest Glory Of God”  at the Lifelink/Global Horizons UK leaders prayer retreat in June 2015 at Hothorpe Hall. David is Managing Director of United Christian Broadcasters in the United Kingdom.

David L'Herroux "The Glory Of God" from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

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