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Geoff Brown In India

We as a stream of churches have had close relationships with our Indian brothers and sisters. Relationships in Jesus result in encounters with God that bless, encourage, and invest in each other’s lives.

These short videos are stories of just such relationships and help us participate with our friends in India. They are indeed a blessing to all of us.

God’s Power To Heal

Geoff Brown And The Healing of Babies-New Vimeo MPEG-4 from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Two Orphanages Geoff Brown Visited

An Orphan School In Visakhaptanam.

Geoff Brown Visakhapatnam Orphanage School from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

An Orphanage In Amritsar (O2H helped out with practical needs)

Geoff Brown Amritsar Orphanage from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Overcoming Difficulties - Strong Faith

We Are So Encouraged By The Indian Church

Geoff Brown Overcoming Difficulties in India from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Introducing Voice of Peace and Eternal Word Ministries, Zimbabwe

Tatenda and Lucia Guguwo are the founders of Eternal Word Ministries, a group of 585+  churches in Zimbabwe. Founded under a tree in 1991 God called them to the people that are despised and rejected, people that are misfits that were not welcome in the churches and communities in which they lived.

Voice of Peace Zimbabwe from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Voice of Peace is a non-profit organization in Zimbabwe serving the vulnerable children through many means.

Alan Scotland had visited Tatenda and Lucia in 2014. Because we have been in relationship with leaders who have been joined in heart in Zimbabwe and Zambia, Alan asked Jim Munson to go to visit Voice of Peace/Eternal Word Ministries in May 2015. This is a new ministry to us and Jim has given video reports of this new (to us) ministry. Tatenda also visited Lifelink/Global Horizons in November, 2014. 

Most of the churches are in the poor rural areas and townships. God told Tatenda, that through the teaching of the Word, God would transform and change these people’s lives into men and women who would be “names among names”  in the communities from which they came.

Eternal Word Ministries has a Bible School and builds leaders through leadership training.

When Tatenda started in this ministry, God put children on his heart. Children who were orphaned because of AIDS and HIV. Even before Tatenda married Lucia, he was challenged to do something. He only lived in one room, but still he took in 6 boys. Within a short time, he couldn’t fit them all in so he looked for a bigger place, a house.

He was only taking in the older boys above 12 or 13 years old, but when he married Lucia, she had a burden for the small children and soon they were running an orphanage. Today they have four orphan homes with over 240 children.

Today, some of the children are now attending University. Twenty-three of them are now pastoring chuches.

It became clear to both Tatenda and Lucia that they needed to address the spiritual, the physical and social needs of the people. Thus, they founded, Voice of Peace Organization as a non-profit organization to meet the needs in the communities. Beyond the orphanages, Voice of Peace has significantly met the needs of over 6,000 children. They have started support groups for those living with AIDS and HIV. They have started mobile health clinics to make up for the gap in health care due to the economic problems in the country. The unemployment rate is 86%.

They have feeding programmes for over 2,000 children and because the children need an education, they started 5 schools with over 2,000 children. This past year the Epworth school grade 7 had a 92% pass rate for the state exams. They really don’t have resources to meet all of these needs, but they are trusting that God will supply.

They run Adventure Camps for children.

They have a sports programme to involve youth and young adults. This keeps the youth away from drugs and anti-social behavior.

They have set up a centre to save children who have been trafficked in the sex trade. They have rescued and rehabilitated 70 girls since they started in 2010.

They have a counseling centre because so many of the children have had issues with abuse and other challenges that need this kind of help.

Lucia started the Esther School of marriage to mentor couples into just how to have a successful and meaningful marriage. As part of this she started Lucia Creations which has to do with wedding decor and catering.

Lucia also has a weekly Radio programme and is well known throughout Zimbabwe.

Lifelink Churches Help With Hub Centre In Hatcliffe

Hatcliffe is the central church for Mission In Christ Fellowship. The need is to build a place to host conferences, Hope College, and other gatherings to build the relationships within Mission in Christ Fellowship, but even more for all of our gatherings that include all of the networks we are working with (Lovemore Madavo, Livingstone Nwande, Silent Gwashavanhu & Simon Majoni and others (as well as our Zambia partners).

The Lifelink group of churches are helping out with finance and this video is Barry Fitzpatrick presenting Silent Gwashavanhu the seed money for the project.

Silent and Barry Interview # 2 (Lifelink Gives Money To Help With The Hub Building) from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Water For Hatcliffe O2H Project, Zimbabwe

This past year Opportunity 2 Hope gave a grant to Missions Fellowship in Christ Church, Hatcliffe, Zimbabwe for a borehole that would not only supply the church, but 1,000 families.

The Mission Fellowship In Christ Church, Hatcliffe has dramatically blessed their community with life-giving clean water. O2H and others gave to this project.

Water For Hatcliffe O2H Project from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Borrowdale Orphanage In Harare, Zimbabwe

Opportunity 2 Hope is beginning raising funds for the building of an ablution block (toilets and showers) for an orpanage in Harare known as the Borrodale Orphanage. Managed by Voice of Peace, the orphanage has about 100 children who have found themselves without parents due to the AIDS HIV epidemic.

These children are happy and well balanced, but in February 2015 found themselves with the closing of the orphanage due to the health department requiring a new ablution block. The country of Zimbabwe has been experiencing a cholera outbreak, and the health department has as a result become even more strict.

The children are currently being temporarily housed with families in the churches in the Borrowdale community but the need is urgent.

Because the unemplyment rate is 86%, the people there have no ability to build an ablution without help. This is where Opportunity 2 Hope can make a difference.

The costs of this project are above our normal grants and we are seeking people like you who would like to make a difference in the lives of these children.

The founders of Voice of Peace are Tatenda & Lucia Gunguwo. They have a specific focus to help vulnerable children and adults including: 585 churches, 4 orphanages, several schools, helping those caught up in human trafficking, Support groups for those with HIV, drug counseling, medical clinics for the unemployed, etc.

Please take a look at this video to see the children and the needs.

Borrowdale Orphanage Project from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Barry Fitzpatrick Interviews Silent Gwashavanhu in Zimbabwe

Barry Fitzpatrick interviewed Silent Gwashavanhu at Miller’s restaurant in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Silent shared how the network Missions Fellowship In Christ Churches is planning to build a new Hub for the ministry in Hatcliffe, Zimbabwe. The facility will be used for conferences, Hope College courses, and leadership meetings. Watch the video below in which Silent shares how they are planning to raise the finance for the 500 seater Auditorium.

New Hub For Zimbabwe from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Randall Morgan Ordained To A Ministry Of Reconciliation

Alan Scotland is traveling to the Belmont Church in Nashville, TN speaking at Belmont’s Saturday evening service and both services on Sunday. 

He will also join with the pastor and mission pastor of Belmont Church in the ordination of Randall Morgan recognizing his ministry mission into Europe.

Randall Morgan from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Randall Sharing His Ministry and Call

This is significant in heaven and earth and truly we are aligned together in the ministry of the Kingdom of God. Let’s all be in prayer for Randall.

Perhaps Randall is best knows for his leadership of SOZO Festival. The SOZO Festival began in1998 on a farm in south-east Hungary but soon moved to Baja, Hungary where we made our home for 8 years until 2006.  From 2009-2011 we hosted 3 SOZO events in England and returned to Serbia in 2012 and 2013.

For more information on SOZO Randall, click HERE

Ministry Trip To Goa, India

Tender Heart Ministry To The Poor

We visited the children’s day care centre as well as were part of the graduation for the tailoring school. To get a glimpse of all that the Tender Heart Foundation is doing.

Tender Heart is a foundation that works to improve the life of the poor in Goa, India through Day Care Schools for children living in the slums and tailoring schools for women who would have no hope but to be involved in the sex trade.

Truly, Francis and Alison Pidigu are advancing the kingdom of God in practical ways that we are proud to share with you. Watch the video below for an awesome view of what God is doing in Goa.

Tender Heart 2014 from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

New Training Centre Location

We are so excited about the piece of land that Francis has secured to build the Tender Heart Centre which is a multi-purpose complex. It houses a church, education facility (children), and training facility (tailoring, computer). There remains £8.000 ($13,000) more needed for funding the project. Let us continue to pray that God will provide all that they need to complete the project. Below is a short video where they will be building.

Pastor’s Conference

We also ministered to the pastors relate with Francis Pidigu at a conference he lined up on the Kingdom of God.

It was a joy to link up with a number of churches in the area of Goa that are looking toward us for some help and strengthening. We look to see what we can do to further strengthen the church there in Goa as well as those who came from Karnataka.

The theme of the conference was “for such a time as this – seeking first the kingdom”

All the speakers who came to minster spoke on the theme the “Kingdom of God” and having “A Kingdom mind”. This teaching came to the pastors at just the right time. Watch the short video below for just a glimpse of clips of four of the speakers.

Goa Pastor’s Conference 2014 Overview from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Goa Pastor’s Conference


It is a great privilege to write and share this report with you about the recent Pastor’s Conference that took place here in Goa, India.

But, before the conference, not wanting to miss any opportunities, we had an evening meeting on Saturday the 18th of January in which all the churches in Margoa city were invited to attend. It was great to see over 80 people and 7 pastors with their wives were able to come. That evening, Alan K. Scotland spoke on the parable of ten virgins, and gave 3 applications for the parable: Being wise, staying strong when facing difficult times and having compassion to help the poor. His message had a great impact on those in attendance. At the end of the meeting, people came forward for prayer and recommitted their lives to stay strong in the Lord.

To read the complete newsletter report, please CLICK HERE.

South American Relationships


Our relationships in South America are growing ever closer. Gustavo Lara has an apostolic ministry that covers South America and beyond. He sees a new era of worship beginning in his country. Each of these interviews are short and give you a sample of what God is doing in South America and beyond.

Gustavo Lara 3 min

Gustavo Lara from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Gustavo is from Argentina and is the President of three schools at ISCaMI (Ministry Training Institute), CEAP an Apostolic Training Centre and an Internet based training initiative ministry for UNGE, a network of churches throughout South America.
Gustavo is married to Karina and they have five children. He ministers worldwide, and has made a particular effort to join us because of his close friendship and joining with what God is doing among Global Horizons.

Javier Uboldi 2 Min

Javier Uboldi from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

avier is from Argentina, he is married to Elizabeth and they have three children.
Javier works alongside Gustavo. He is Director of ISCaMI (Ministry Training Institute), CEAP and training programmes working into five nations in Latin America. He travels worldwide with an apostolic team.

African Relationships

We have always been involved with churches, ministries and missions all over the world. Recently, several of these leaders were together in the UK at our leadership conference.

While there, I had the opportunity to take short interviews of some of these leaders and hear what God is doing in their countries and ministries. Each one has a prophetic insight to the times and season today.



Silent Gwashavanhu 2.5 min

Silent Gwashavanhu from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Silent has a trans-local ministry in Zimbabwe and bordering nations. He has been tirelessly involve with planting churches, training and raising up leaders, and contributing the the unity of the Spirit throughout Southern Africa. Silent graduated from Hope College in Zambia and has an active relationship with Global Horizons and Lifelink International.

Livingstone Nwande 1.5 min

Livingstone Nwande from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Livingstone has a long time relationship with Global Horizons/Lifelink International. Located in Nyang, Zimbabwe, Livingstone has been instrumental in planting churches, starting and maintaining and orphanage called the Rekai Tangwena Home for Children and many other projects. Truly, Livingstone is a kingdom man with trans-local ministry throughout the region.


Dr. Robert Munien 1.5 min

Dr. Robert Munien from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Robert is the founder and Pastor of Grace Outreach Ministries based in Durban, South Africa. He is also the founding Apostle of Global Kingdom Community [G.K.C.]. G.K.C. is made up of autonomous local churches and five- fold ministries, who are in partnership and relationship with Robert, and look to him for resource, oversight and counsel. Robert is focused on seeing the Body of Christ grow into maturity and is dedicated to teaching, developing and training leaders for the advancement of God’s purpose in the earth.

Kobus Swart 2.75 min

Kobus Swart from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Kobus has always been drawn to authentic apostolic ministries. In 1984 he became involved with what was then Covenant ministries under Bryn Jones. Over the years he has continued his friendship with Alan Scotland. He has also established churches and training centres. He and his wife Hazel are based in Somerset West, Cape Town. They pioneered one of the first multiracial churches in Cape Town, which has had an impact on the surrounding cultures. Kobus is involved in several nations, beside the continent of Africa.