Opportunity 2 Hope

O2H is a grant-giving organisation with Christ centred community based development at the core of its mission and outreach.

Christ’s heart of compassion toward the poor is the driving force behind O2H as it seeks to help overcome poverty through empowerment. O2H is a tool to equip Churches Working Together to make a difference in their local communities and across the nations. It is registered as part of the charity Global Horizons.

How is O2H different to other Charities?

It is 100% voluntary, so you are guaranteed that your gift goes directly to help others. It works directly with trusted partners, recommended by its membership and Lifelink contacts. If you become a member you can also apply for funds to support initiatives that you or your community are involved with in this country and overseas.

On the top map, or the list to the left, you can see where in the world we have given grants. You can browse the projects by clicking on the countries to the left or on the map above.

Opportunity 2 Hope Gives Grants

O2H gives grants to the poor and disadvantaged in 20 countries throughout the world. In Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Africa. Through our giving members, we have thus far given £150,000 ($230,407) all of this through monthly donations of 10, to 50 £/$. This is hope manifested by the giving of people like you in order to empower needy people like these to possess a future through education & training, micro-enterprises, infrastructure & equipment as well as sustainable initiatives supporting widows, orphans, people trapped in human trafficking all who without you cannot see the light of hope. Today they say……. “THANKYOU” Through O2H you can sew seeds through grants using trusted partners across the world. This anniversary is a chance for you to get involved. Become a member today.

Opportunity 2 Hope 2016 from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

If you would like to see another short video of what O2H is all about just click HERE


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