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£3,000 ($4,600) has been granted to the Restoration Bible Institute (RBI) in Burma. RBI is providing training for poor students (most are totally sponsored to attend the college), mainly from the Chin State in Burma. The Students get grounded in the Word and are also taught English and vocational skill such as computing. 

The Chin State is one of the states with a relatively high density of Christians and which is oppressed by the national government because the government is against any attempt to have self-determination from any of the provinces in Burma.  The net result of this is that the Christians have suffered brutal oppression in this part of Burma.  The former facilities of the RBI were totally inadequate and the health and safety appalling, both in terms of the washing and toilet facilities and the small, mud floor kitchen. 

Three years ago the college acquired a piece of land, and the plan now - which is underway - is to build a facility on it which will enable the students to study and live in a much better environment.

The RBI is seeking to raise up ministers of the gospel from such people, so that they can go back to their own state and seek to advance the Kingdom there. They would have no means of their own to benefit from such training and equipping.  As the government is seemingly softening a bit towards the West and internally, now is a ‘Kairos’ moment to support such an initiative as this.