Children’s Outreach Books for Canada and China - £3,000 ($3,726)

These books were first used in Mongolia, as part of the project providing therapy and special education services to children with disabilities and considered to be “At Risk”.

These books address aspects of the emotional, spiritual and physical development of the child. There was an overwhelmingly positive response to these resources.

This new pilot program, “Keys to Joy Publishing” in Canada, seeks to produce 3 new books (in English) and offer them as a resource to three small charities in mainland China; the charities are (Loaves and Fishes International; The Bridge; and Evergreen

These prototypes will be produced in Canada. They will initially be produced in English and offered to local charities and churches in Canada who work with the disenfranchised; at risk children; and their families.

Books will be provided at no cost or low cost to disenfranchised children, those living in orphanages or disabled in China, with the intention of bringing truth and hope to the children, their caregivers, and teachers.