Grant For Cuban Poor and Needy $3,887 (£3,129)

Vasiliy Skoryhk, the president of “Answer In Jesus Mission” says, “Now is the time for Cuba. We could do a great work in a short amount of time. The Mission will continue to strengthen relationships with Cuban churches and assist with educational programs and seminars, and financial support of children’s hospitals and other institutions for children.  It’s not possible to do this without friends and partners to financially support these good deeds. Thank you very much for joining in these labors.”

During the trip in December 2016, Answer in Jesus hopes to expand their work into other children’s hospitals in Cuba (there are eleven). They plan to take 3-5 missionaries and minister in churches and hospitals.

Their ministry efforts involve meeting material needs, including bicycles for pastors (for transportation), donations of medical supplies to hospitals, toiletry and personal care items to families of children in hospitals, as well as school supplies/stationary and toys for children in hospitals.

These things are often not only rare, but when they are available in stores, they are very expensive. The overwhelming majority of Cubans live in poverty (with the exception of workers in administrative positions in the government or in tourist services).

Most people are unable to afford everyday items like toothpaste and struggle with everyday needs like transportation. Providing these material goods opens up doors to share the love of Christ, and provides care to those who are truly in need of care.

In addition, the grant will provide 5 bicycles for pastors for their ministries but also provide to take their children to the doctor or school. These pastors could never afford a bicycle.

Osmanis Bicycle - Cuban Pastor from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

Emergency Grant Following Hurricane Matthew

Just after we received the Grant Request for Cuba, Hurricane Matthew devastated the Island. O2H responded with a grant of $1,500 for emergency aid. After Hurricane Matthew, Vasiliy Skoryhk head of Answer In Jesus Mission, traveled with partners over 1600 KM visiting the churches, friends, and pastors of Cuban churches.

The roofs of pastors’ and believers’ homes were partially or sometimes totally destroyed. They saw people … looking at them with despair-filled eyes…. They sat along the roadsides surrounded by their little children and just wept.

They were able to use donated finances to purchase more than a ton of food products, medical supplies, also provide finance.

Vasiliy stated, “My dear friends and partners of Answer in Jesus Ministries, I’d like to say thank you for every dollar sacrificially donated,”