Salcette, Goa, India: A Vehicle For The Tender Heart Foundation

Tender Heart 2014 from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

£3,000 ($4,885 US) towards the costs of this vehicle.  Francis and Alison Pidugu oversee the mission. To date they have been working in 4 different slums of Margoa, Goa through Hope Children’sclub which is catering for between 50 to 80 children. The children who come to the club are beggars, child labours, Street Children and Garbage collectors. We know that in the children’s
club we cannot focus on every child and we can’t teach everyone effectively. So we are focusing on a smaller group of children who are interested in learning.

They comment, ‘Thanks to O2H’s previous grant we have started a DAY CARE CENTER in April -2009 for the underprivileged children. The Grant from O2H was a big blessing and since then 35 children from four different slums are coming daily to the Day Care Centre’

These children are taught math, reading and writing. Once they have a grasp of the basics the aim of the project is to help them to enter into main stream school. So far two girls have been sent to main stream school and another eight children will be sent to main stream in June 2011.

The project is planning to extend its work to other slums and bring more children to the Day care centre so that more under privilege children will have the opportunity of an education. For this reason, Francis and Alison applied for funding to buy a new vehicle so that they can go around to different slums and bring the children to the Day Care Centre.

Also, a new vehicle will help with their tailoring school in Karnataka and Goa. They are working among young girls who have little or no education. These girls are from very poor backgrounds and are in a situation where their parents are considering sending them to be Davadasis, (Servant of God) that means to serve God by prostitution. They are working to prevent these young girls from going into prostitution by giving them six month tailoring and embroidery training. This is very important to them as it gives them another way of earning money to help their families.

At present the project has thirty six young girls going though the training. Most of them are ex- temple prostitutes, widows and girls who do not have any skills or education. With the same vehicle which O2H has contributed funding they will be able to bring the Girls to special workshops, such as: Health and Hygiene, cooking workshops and candle making.

Orissa, India: An Electric generator for Vocational and Career Development (VCD)

An Electric generator for Vocational and Career Development (VCD) in Orissa, India to use during the frequent power cuts. O2H has previously funded work with VCD in Orissa.

The project reports: By the grace of God we have 50 children who are being nurtured in the Jeevan Jyoti Ashram (Light of Life Home).

Most of these children are the victims of the violence against the Christians in Kandhamal and other places of Orissa.

They study in our English medium school with God centred education along with several employable skill training. In this academic year the school will be having up till standard 7.

These children are being provided with career education and guidance through various work experiences and employable skill training.
Besides this VCD imparts career education and guidance to students in formal schools & educational institutions.

Psychiatric patients are being treated with love, empathy & behavioural modification & psychotherapy. Thus there is no need of the toxic drugs for treatment of all the psychiatric cases.

Through primary dental care ( i.e. cleaning, filling and extraction) the children in the campus, staff and other community people around the villages are being served.
On the campus they have a small dairy, two fish ponds & a small kitchen garden to raise some support for the living cost of the children.

The VCD campus is situated in a village surrounded by few small industries. In the past years: 1994 to 2002 VCD worked among the community people in 14 villages. They have had much consultation with the people for formation of various committees for their development; training of employable skills, advocacy; awareness of the rights of tribal people etc. 14 SHG’ s (self help groups) were formed by the women.

During the national festivals the community people participate in various programmes that take place in the campus.

During the long hours of power cuts the local community people may access the water( from our open dug well) and electricity through their inverter for charging of cell phones.

VCD plans to provide training of the women, young people and unemployed with 5 key employable skills.“We will provide training in computer skills, making leaf plates by using the electric machine, food processing and preservation training (i.e. baking etc)

We will provide vocational training in electrical, mechanical , welding and fabrication training.
It will help the poor to find the suitable jobs as they upgrade themselves to become skilled workers.”

Orissa, India: Bore-well (sustainable water supplies)

Tamil Nadu, India: VIA Design grant for roof of the sewing project

Tamil Nadu, India: Crafts Project

Mahalir Aran Trust (MAT) in conjunction with VIA design a local Indian organization that works with disadvantaged children and women) - completion of the sewing room roof.

Kadavethu, Nagari, India Community Hall

Andhra Pradesh, India: Leper Project

Andhra Pradesh, India: Tsunami relief crisis fund for India

India: Project Hope

India: Orphanage

Two dormitories, toilets, a kitchen and an extra children’s room

VIA Design Sewing Machine Project

VIA Design: O2H has given £3000
[$4,885 US] for a semi industrial computerized embroidery sewing machine for Mahalir Aran Trust’s (MAT- a refuge for disadvantaged and marginalised women).

This is an income generating business initiative, Flowering Desert, (FD) which works in partnership with VIA Design. VIA design is a UK registered charitable company set up to empower disadvantaged and marginalized people (especially women) and to help build community.

The machine makes a big difference in building capacity for this small business which was set up in 2006 received funding from 02H (in December 2006) towards a purpose-built production unit. This is now providing paid employment on regular basis for 15-20 women (75% from the local community, 25% from within the refuge).

Mercy Abraham Imondi, the founder and managing trustee of Mahalir Aran Trust, is also the proprietor of Flowering Desert, which was established in 2006 to provide income-generating opportunities for young women who come from the surrounding community as well as the refuge.

Local people are involved in consultation and have been involved with discussions. Regular team meetings at FD provide a forum for ideas to develop their business and although hand embroidery will still be part of the range of skills developed and used for more specialized products, it has been recognized that there is much potential for commercial stability and viability through manufacturing higher volume/lower margin customised products for corporate businesses, organizations and conferences.

This provides more jobs locally and generates profits to reinvest into training and empowering others in the community.
Here is a letter from Mercy Abraham of VIA Design:

Dear O2H Friends,

We are very thankful to Opportunity to Hope (O2H) for your generous grant of £3000 and to friends who have provided an interest-free loan of £2000 through VIA Design to enable us to purchase a computerized embroidery machine to help Flowering Desert expand its customized product range.

This machine (an Amaya XT) is really useful for FDproduct-development. It will help us to offer more training for the ladies, at Flowering Desert, our business enterprise, so they can improve their talent and have better opportunities for themselves and their families. Through this machine, we hope to secure more orders and increase our turnover so that we can improve the rest of the campus and give work to more people from the surrounding area.

There is a Chinese proverb “instead of giving a man a fish, teach him how to fish, and he will have food for life.” With the same principle we want to help our ladies to learn more skills so they have the hope of a better future.
Once again we are very thankful for your kind help and the loan, which enabled us to buy this machine. You will get double the amount in heaven.

God bless you, Yours sincerely,

Mercy Abraham A Soldier of Jesus Christ

Primary Classroom in Orissa, India

£2,000 ($3,100) for Vocational and Career Development (VCD) in Orissa, India for Construction of Primary Classrooms along with a toilet block. (In addition, this grant was topped up by matching £2,000 donation to total grant of £4,000 [$6,300]).

O2H has previously funded work with VCD in Orissa including a bore-well, an electric generator, money for a vehicle, and construction of a multi-purpose area. 35-50 children are helped in this project. Most of these children are the victims of the violence against the Christians in Kandhamal and other places of Orissa.


This new construction is a result of the Child Welfare Committee requirements to move the children into better accommodation (away from asbestos roofed buildings) and the District Education Departments requirement to have proper classrooms along with the toilet block thus giving us proper recognitions of the English medium school.

The children study in the English medium school with God-centred education along with several employable skill training. In this academic year the school will be up to standard seven.

These children are being provided with career education and guidance through various work experiences and employable skill training. Besides this VCD imparts career education and guidance to students in formal schools & educational institutions.

For more information go to .

Life Association in India

Life Association in India has been granted £2,500 ($3,790) for beds and equipment.

For 20 years, Life Association has been building schools and children’s homes in some of the poorest parts of India.  Kolkata, where they have a school for slum children. Kolkata is notorious for allowing its residents to live and die on the streets. The principle purpose of Life Association is to build schools and children’s homes that provide a good quality education and the promotion of Christian values for some of the most vulnerable children in India. These children largely come from the Dalit community, formerly known as untouchables.

There are believed to be only 20,000 Government beds for the poor in a city of 14 million.

They will be starting a hospice where people can die with dignity and enjoy clean sheets and good food and hear about a God that loves them, in many cases for the first time. They will employ nurses to care for them and also basic medical care for those who cannot afford any.

The manager of our school, Amar and Sathi Khalid, has been caring for the sick and dying on the streets for some time, trying to take those they find to Government hospitals; but they are often turned away. Even then the patients will be two to a bed and in squalid conditions. We have been seeking local Government approval for the initiative and seeking appropriate premises.

It is hoped that with good care and food some may have health restored but for those whose life is at an end we believe the gift of dignity and Christian love is invaluable.


Emergency aid for Andhra Pradesh and Srinagar City India

We gave £3,000 ($4,500) to bring emergency relief as a result of the massive cyclone that lashed the costal area of Andhra Pradesh 12th October 2014. The coastal cities were hit with 180km/hr winds as well as rain.

The government of India declared it the worst natural disaster in the last 50 years. I will take about 10 years to recover from this disaster.

Although the government is contributing to the relief, politics and prejudice have left out the Christians and Dalit Christians. Pastors and churches were not given support due to these politics and discrimination (and corruption). The only hope for these people is the church and we have come to the aid along side the church.

Around 50 Pastors and families of Christians Together Fellowship (Joel Onesimus who is in relationship with Global Horizons) suffered the loss of everything (including their houses and church buildings). Another 150 Pastors have also experienced damage.

Also affected were the children homes in Vizag and Srnagar.


Cyclone Roanu Disaster in Andhra Pradesh - £500 ($621)

Cyclone Roanu gained strength in the bay of Bengal bringing heavy showers and winds from 80 kph to110 kph per hour. 9,360 hectors of crops were damaged, 304 villages and were damaged, and 20 churches were blown away.

Many of the Christian families have become homeless and they do not have work to care for and feed their families. All of them are praying and waiting with hope for reconstruction of their houses.

Michael Congola said, “With your support we have supported our Christian families in their communities with rice, food material, blankets, medical care, and water.”

India Orphanage - Amritsar and Kashmir region £2,650 ($3,426)

India Orphanage - Amritsar and Kashmir region £2,650 ($3,426) was granted to build a roof top shelter and fencing for the children.

The Scheduled Castes are official designations given to various groups of historically poor and disadvantaged people India.
Located in the Amritsar and Kashmir region the orphanage was established in 2013 by Rev Stanley Joseph who continues to operate the project. The orphanage provides a home for 20 Dallit Christian children.

This year, Geoff Brown had visited the orphanage finding the building in some disrepair. Also, there were limited resources for the children including food. Some of these needs have been met.

The Church building is flat roofed, on top sits the children’s dormitories. The remaining open roof space is where the children study, eat and play. The roof is unfenced with a 12f drop and is completely unshaded, in May and June temperatures can exceed 50oc (122of).

Not only is the building used for the children who live at the orphanage, the centre is also a resource for local children from neighbouring communities and therefore there is considerable community participation and interest in the development and future sustainability of the church building and its community projects. I met up with the Church leaders and Christians from the neighbouring community to discuss the project.

Here Geoff Brown Reports On The Amazing Change Due To This Grant


Geoff Brown -  Indian Orphanage O2H Gave A Grant from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

This project provides a safe and healthy environment for the poor and disadvantaged children. A building fit for purpose providing education and life skills to not only the children living at the orphanage but also to the wider community. Thank you to O2H for the grant for this project.