Helping A Needy Family With Proper Housing

O2H Granted £1,200 ($1,865 US) to improve the housing for a poor family In Latvia. This initiative worked with a local Latvian charity (Misija Pakapieni) to improve the decrepit housing provision for a single mother and her 7 children. 

The house had rotten windows, no heating, limited electrics, no running hot water, no washing facilities and the majority of the living space was unusable due to the floor being dirt/sand.

A team of nine volunteers from the Wharfedale Vineyard, in Leeds traveled to Latvia on 4th July 2011 to complete the work on the house.  A member of the team, Gunita King, is from Latvia and has a long standing relationship with the local Latvian charity through which this project has been established.

Thanks to all the amazing support received, the building team (with a little help from the locals!) was able to transform Agita and her children’s house in the 10 days the team were there:

• The rotten and cockroach infested flooring was ripped out and concrete flooring installed Where there was an old sink draining in to a bucket, a kitchen and oven were installed

• A shower room was created to act as their bathroom A new toilet installed that flushed!Wood burning central heating was fitted, helpful as it often reaches minus 30oC in Latvia

• Insulation was fitted in the roof

• Rewiring completed so the house electrics now work reliably and safely

• The roof was made watertight

• The chimney was repaired

• The upstairs was wallpapered and the doors painted New windows were fitted in place of the rotten old ones The garden swing was fixed

• Two bunk beds were bought so the children each have decent beds now

Arrangements were made for the legal transfer of ownership of the property to Agita from the imprisoned father to secure the family’s home for the future.

Agita and her children are now able to enjoy living in a warm, dry and functional home that they can feel safe in!

A massive thank you to O2H for the financial support of £1,500 towards this project.