Malawi Micro Enterprise Project.

£1,920 ($3,000) was granted to a Malawi Micro Enterprise project. The Malawi project in the rural area of Blantyre district, is made up of 11 people managed by a committee.  The group focuses on empowering each other to work hard with the aim to eradicate poverty, and food insecurity through income generating activities such as animal farming, agricultural practices and crop irrigation.

The group meets once a week, to monitor progress and help one another through discussions and fellowship, but they also have a saving scheme.  Each member of the group saves a bit of money at each meeting which the committee takes to the bank.  The idea of the saving is to help with things like uniforms and other basic needs for the children.

Thanks to 02H for a grant which has made a difference to peoples’ lives, it was all smiles at the Inauguration on 06.06.13

Malawi £3,000 ($4,343.00) For Water

Malawi £3,000 ($4,343.00) was granted for treadle pumps/a utility motor vehicle for a small scale farming grouup of mainly single household mothers.

The people in this group meets twice a month to encourage and share ideas on seeds, business management and marketing.

The treadle pumps and vehicle will improve the quality of life for members and their families.

The country has been affected by drought so water has been unreliable. The pumps free up a new water supply. Up to now, they have been using buckets. This new water supply will increase their income because this will increase the amount of crops (and growing seasons).

These women have also faced a problem of getting their crops to market but with the vehicle, transportation costs are greatly reduced as well as more of the crops are fresh when they get to market.

Bertha says “Thank You” to all who gave to this project

Bertha Says Thanks To O2H from Global Horizons on Vimeo.