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Mongolia: Micro-Enterprise development.

Our Micro Enterprise Programme training and selection of people for micro loans to start their own micro businesses starts in about two week’s time. Maybe some of those who received food today will receive loans tomorrow as we try to help people sustain their lives. We are also working to support those living below ground in the pipes of UB – but this is proving slightly more difficult as the local authorities do not recognise their existence – we do and we will succeed. Thank you for being part of our work here in Mongolia. Manley Bill.

Food (ingredients) for Work                                                                                          
It is a difficult time of year in Mongolia. Just a few weeks after Mongolian New Year celebrations, when everyone tries to demonstrate their affluence and generosity. The poorest folk in our local sub-district in UB are no different except they are dangerously close to having nothing to eat and no work. Our company (Mary & Martha Mongolia), along with funds from Lost Sheep Ministries (donations from our supporters and supporting churches) and the help of local social services are running a very simple Food for Work programme.

Those in most need are identified by the local leaders. People are then asked to take part in cleaning up their local community for which they receive wages in the form of flour, rice and oil – three key staple ingredients in Mongolia to help keep body and soul together. As a company we believe that people should receive the equivalent of 1.5 – 2 times the minimum wage for their labours, so that what they earn can sustain a family. We cannot offer them employment but we can make a difference every so often. They work for about 3 hours and the food has a value of approximately 2 times the minimum wage per hour – 1 litre of oil, 1kg of rice and 1kg of flour.

The pictures show the work under way, the resulting clean community areas and the handing out of wages for the work done. What is difficult to pick up on camera are the smiles on the faces as people work and the broad grins as they are thanked for their labours. A great job was done and I was humbled by everyone’s work ethic.


The goal of Mina is to give poor and marginalized people, mainly women, more self-confidence and healthier families by providing appropriate training activities and financial services to improve their businesses and their lives.


In Bayanzurkh district there were 24 clients attended Mina’s microfinance activities for 2 years. All clients were involved in running businesses. Their businesses were repairing shoes, selling meat, selling mobile, planting vegetable, running small grocery, selling second hand clothes, sewing uniforms, processing milk products and repair bike. Now there are 5 active clients getting loan. Their loan outstanding is 4,600,000 tugrigs.

The training about Vision, Household budget, Forgiveness, Generousness, Integrity and Values was hold successfully for clients.

Hope group consist by 7 members established on April 1sr, 2009.

First time each of us borrowed USD$70. Our group members’ businesses are planting vegetable, running small grocery, selling second hand clothes, sewing uniforms, sewing car seat cover and processing milk products.

Our group member Dolgor has built a winter house by her loan and built a house for grocery store. Other group member Tsengel runs small grocery store and she is extending her store building. Other group member Urta processes milk products and has bought a cow. Other group member Gantsetseg sews uniforms and car seat covers. Now each member of group has borrowed 350$ and their all deposit is 500$. Our group goal is reach our goal with all together to increase our business income and improve our lives.

1. To continune our microfinance activities in Zuunkhara as a sustainable manner, Mina needs to change our status to NBFI.
2. Badma, Zuunkharaa staff is planning to study a college by business administration from October, 2012.
3. To support the churches and their members, Mina is planning to implement CASH-II project to the churches. It is now on writing the project and finding out the funds. This project is called to “Financial ABC” and will start to implement begining of 2012. Also Mina is going to publish a workbook for bookkeeping a household expenses.

Mongolia: Emergency Relief

Reaching The Light Development Centre in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

We granted £3,000 ($4,500) to Reaching the Light Development Center” in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to provide special education training and speech/language therapy training to Mongolians working with a wide range of special needs and developmentally disabled children in Mongolia.

The target group was teachers, therapists, orphanage workers, parents, student teachers and others. Since 2012 Gillian Parker has been training staff in an apprenticeship program at “Reaching the Light Development Center” in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

However, there is a huge need to expand this work and develop a programme that can be taught to a larger group of Mongolian trainers who in turn can sustainably train others with current best practice methods.

Gillian K. Parker is a speech language therapy and special education trainer who worked in team with Suzanne Kolstad to implement the pilot special education training program with a group of Mongolian trainers.

They coordinated this effort with all local groups interested in this training; evaluated the program during training and upon completion made recommendations.

Specifically Gillian and Suzanne Kolstad both worked as trainers piloting a three month intensive interactive special education program for Mongolians; working with children with special needs. Gillian met all her own expenses from her existing support network. The grant helped meet Suzanne’s expenses.

The requests for training came from many different sources in the community during recent years. Recently the Mongolian government has requested assistance to start a special education training program for teachers. Training for staff has also been requested from the rehabilitation center, countryside clinics and hospitals and both government and nongovernment organizations. 

Mongolians at “Reaching the Light Development Center” have participated in an apprentice program for two years and other local therapists have been invited to seminars days. Nurses, teachers and other workers have visited the Center for training days and bought children to receive consultation, implementation of home /school programs.

With new understanding about the value and purpose of education for these children; and new skills to develop the potential of the children, parents, families and workers were given increased hope and desire to teach and help childrem to develop their abilities holistically.

With increased dignity and respect, children were able to participate more fully in the home, community and society at large. The dignity of both the individual and those who reach out to help was expanded.

Genesis Project Awarded £3,000 ($3,726) For Curriculum

In the communist era in Mongolia there was a focus on good citizenship and working for the common good. However, the economic collapse of the 1990’s fostered an ‘every man for himself’ mentality, where values and consideration for others were abandoned in the struggle to survive. 

In the 20 years since the economic collapse, families have predominantly been too busy struggling to make ends meet to take time to teach their children appropriate values. 

As the country regains economic stability, many have become aware that an entire generation has grown up with no sense of consideration for others, personal integrity or ethical behaviour in business or private life.  This has become a concern for many, including the nation’s leaders, government officials, teachers and family members.

History and current trends show that the development of any country is hindered by corruption and dishonesty.  Mongolia has been developing economically, but much of the wealth has been siphoned off.  Despite its impressive natural mineral resources, unless there is a change in basic values in society Mongolia is at risk of becoming like many other developing countries whose wealth is squandered through greed and corruption.

In response to this need, the Mongolian national education guidelines, laid down by the Ministry of Education, stipulate that ethics be a part of the national curriculum.  However, no material or curriculum is provided to teachers to enable them to inculcate values in the children in their care.  In 2013, the Upright Citizens Initiative was launched by the Mongolian Government; however, a lack of funding has seen the initiative flounder. O2H has given a grant to move this project forward.

The Life-skills material has been developed by Mongolian teachers to address the specific cultural issues that they see as most relevant for developing values in children.  The character values are drawn from the Judeo-Christian ethic, and stories illustrating each characteristic are drawn from Scripture.

The Goal of the project over three years is: To assist 7,000 Mongolian children, aged 12 to 14, to develop good character and decision making skills through a weekly training programme; to supplement the Mongolian national education curriculum through providing ethics education in 30 schools in Ulaanbaatar city and Nalaikh town; and to transform Mongolian society through developing a generation of good citizens who will contribute to their country and the establishment of a functioning and prosperous society.

The project consists of a number of activities: Weekly life-skills lessons, clubs, teacher training, and parenting training. 

Topics to be covered in the new curriculum include: Virtue, sincerity, the power of the tongue, fulfilling your dreams, and truthfulness.