Preventive Healthcare Advocacy Training in Nepal

£1,000 ($1,500) was granted to Preventive Healthcare Advocacy Training in Nepal: Active in schools and two hospitals, adult volunteers and school children were trained in hygiene. Most people lack health awareness and when they come to hospital with ailments occurring from poor hygiene, their illnesses would be at an advanced stage. All of this can be prevented through
advocacy and training.

Many poor people don’t use toilet paper because of the cost. Due to their lack of hygienic awareness, they use water but don’t wash their hands with soap after using the toilet. This program teaches people to use soap after using the toilet and thus prevent diseases.

Also, most people use hands to eat and don’t wash their hands with soap before and after eating. Training them how to wash hands with soap before after meal and gargling prevents many other diseases.

Children are a strong advocates teaching their parents on the importance of preventive health care measures.

Most of the water is contaminated and water-borne diseases are common. Training people on the use of boiled water helps prevent water borne diseases.

Two Emergency Aid Grants for Nepal

Nepal Emergency aid grant of £750 at the end of 2015 and another £730 in 2016 for Udaya Sharma to purchase and distribute blankets and quilts to the very poor that need to equip to face the harsh winter and demonstrate the love of Christ. The hope is that some will turn to Christ .

The unusual rare and difficult circumstances and the ongoing crisis in Nepal are caused by the two massive earthquakes of April 25 and May 12, 2015 and continued aftershocks and followed by Indian blockade imposed in 2015 .

We were able to distribute the blankets and quilts to 42 very poor victims of the earthquake and Indian blockade in the community who would otherwise would have died with no source of livelihood and no one reaching out to them . The electricity power outage is about 16 hrs a day . No heating no fuel and shortage of food and other essentials .

Here Udaya Sharma shares how the money was used:


Warmth and Water For Children in Nepal £3,000 ($3,982)

O2H has agreed to a grant of £3,000 ($3,982) to help the poor in Birched Village in the Dhading district in Northwest Nepal.

The poor in that village cannot afford to buy blankets and the families’ children are suffering​. The children have diseases brought on by the cold weather.

Some of the children are dying because they can’t keep warm. Therefore we are supplying blankets for 80 families. We are also supplying 80 families with drinking water filters because they are suffering very much from contaminated water.