Boys dormitory in Mindanao, Philippines - £3,000 ($3,726)

Pastor Vic Virtudazo is based on the south island of Mindanao, in a coastal city called Bislig. The area of Bislig City is extremely poor, with rural subsistence farming.

Pastor Vic has pioneered a church in the city among rural tribal people groups. Currently there are 15 satellite churches in rural village communities within its network. He and his wife Gloria also run an orphanage and a bible school, which are closely linked.

Christians Alive Church is partnering with Pastor Vic and the church in Bislig to complete the building of the girl’s orphanage and sponsoring the children to provide food and essential clothing and resources for school. 

Peter Collins (from Christians Alive Church) visited the partnership in the Philippines on two occasions now and on his visit last year, was moved with compassion when he saw the condition of the boy’s dormitory.