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Teen Challenge Coffee House, Szczecin, Poland £3,000 ($4,071)

The Teen Challenge Coffee House project has been operating in Szczecin, Poland since 2009. The purpose is to meet with those with addiction problems and to offer support and encouragement towards changing their situations, and to see them becoming free from addictions. Since 2009 they have rented very small spaces with no adequate heating in the winter, and an outside toilet.

Many of the people they have met were at some point or continue to be homeless. For several years they prepared a sandwich supper for the weekly evening meeting, and through one winter they served a soup lunch on another day.

The Teen Challenge Coffee House project works in partnership with Street Church in Szczecin, which has been operating on the streets for the last 5 years. Each week, the gospel is preached with testimonies, people are prayed for and soup is given to those who are hungry.

In July 2017 they gained a new space, provided by the City Council, where they pay a reasonably low rent. The whole ground floor needs renovating. They are specifically seeking funding to set up a kitchen in a room where there are no facilities at present.