Nova Zena (New Woman) Ministry, Serbia

£1,920 ($3,000) was granted to New Woman Ministry in Serbia.

Nova Zena (New Woman): Setting Women Free From Abuse and Prostitution in Novi Sad, Serbia from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

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Nova Zena (New Woman): Setting Women Free From Abuse and Prostitution in Novi Sad, Serbia from Global Horizons on Vimeo.


There is a real need in Serbia because of the abuse of women. This grant will help women who are not able to help themselves including prostitutes, addicts, and abused women. New Woman recognizes the pivotal role that women play in Serbian society and works through counseling, teaching, protection (eventually with an abused women’s shelter), to transform individual families to become whole.

Ivana Pejcic (on the right), she grew up in an orphanage, has some experience in reach out to prostitutes in Norway (she attended Bible College there), good English skills, married 3 years, Christian for 12 years. I played a small role when she became a Christian. She has a big heart for the girls growing up without parents, with those who turn to street life and dysfunctional behaviors.

Timea Amidzic (on the left), she is Hungarian, married, finished DTS (Youth with the Mission), has a huge heart for homeless people. She is completely committed to our work. She and I used to go every week in the red district praying for the girls and men who use them before our ministry began official.
Gordana Radeka, (centre) has been a Christian for 18 years and God put it on her heart to work with abused and mistreated women. She is a part of European Freedom Network and has finished training in working with victims of domestic violence in a secular organization. She does all the administration work and organizes outreaches. The grant is to help for 6 months of startup costs for an office, which will be the hub of the new project. For more information, go to .

A Testimony

Beautiful Day

Jelena’s father died when she was 15 years old. At the same time her mother threw her out of the house. With nowhere to go and in need of money, she turned to prostitution.

Over the course of the past 15 years she has been a throw-away. Unloved, used, abused, and all but forgotten. She has lost count as to how many men have paid for her services. She can’t remember how many times she used alcohol or drugs to kill the pain. She might remember the faces of the four children she bore, but were taken from her.

She is a non-person, unrecognized by society. She is barely a statistic. The only nights she spends in any kind of safety are those spent in jail. There are stray dogs who get better treatment.

In the midst of the darkness and despair came the tiniest flicker of light and love. A few months ago some women met Jelena at street-level. They didn’t come to arrest or berate her. They came with coffee and cookies.

Week after week they brought coffee and cookies. No preaching about the immorality of the girls’ lives. No threats of arrests. No condemnation, just coffee and cookies.

Figuring there was a hook and the coffee and cookies were just bait, the street girls knew it would soon change for the worse. Wouldn’t you think that way? If everyone in your life has lied, manipulated, and used you. But they were so wrong. Now came sandwiches, blankets, warm clothes, and offers to talk. Now came hugs, tears, and offers of prayer.

For months the coffee and cookies still kept coming, but now with invitations for hot showers, healthy meals, and an opportunity for a Spa Day. Someone was finally treating her with some respect. Someone cared. But why?  Why were they being so nice? Why were they so different? She built up the courage to ask.
The flicker is about to go super nova.

Jelena got her answer. She learned she is a King’s daughter. She discovered she has a Saviour. She was freed from decades of shame and lies. She now knows she has an eternal heavenly future. She finally knows True Love.

Through the work of one of our most amazing Serbian partners, Nova Zena (New Woman), Jelena has a new future in Jesus. But she didn’t take this trip on her own. She brought another young lady with her, and Sladjana is a new creation.

The story doesn’t end here. There is a long way yet to go. Nova Zena has helped them choose the right path.  Now it is time to find ways to help them stay on it.

Who will help feed them?
Who will help them get an education?
Who will help them find jobs?
Who wants to help us rewrite their futures?
Who is ready to start today?