Projects Around Cape Town, SA

Bizweni Disabled Children’s Home, Cape Town, SA
O2H Contributed £3,000 ($4,660 US) towards putting on the roof of this building.
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Bizweni Centre for Disabled Children, Cape Town, SA from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

A Jungle Gym For Soweto, SA
Jungle Gym
We granted £2,500 ($3,854 US) for an AIDs/HIV clinic and orphanage called Emthonjeni, located in an informal settlement near to Soweto, South Africa.  Specifically, we helped to build a ‘jungle gym’ (outside play equipment) at Emthonjeni for children who live in the surrounding settlement.

We became aware of this project through an O2H member of Wharfedale Vineyard, in Leeds. This past summer a family from the church traveled to Emthonjeni to build the gym.

Emthonjeni was established in 2001 and is central to the local neighbourhood where there are no other facilities of this type to benefit the community. 

Emthonjeni provides medical and nutritional support to people in the local area, distributing medicines for AIDs related illnesses as well as sending out workers to people in their own homes when they are too ill to get to the clinic.  In a country where at least 15 – 18% of the population has HIV/AIDs, Emthonjeni is providing a vital service to the community it supports.

Thousands of children live in the surrounding area and around 100 -150 children attend Emthonjeni each day to get a meal and receive help with their school homework.  They also have access to the medical facilities at the clinic.  The jungle gym provides a good quality, safe and fun environment for these children to play on when they visit Emthonjeni. 

The surrounding neighbourhood is characterised by poverty, high unemployment and a large proportion of child headed households.  It would make a huge difference to the children living in this area if their visits to Emthonjeni not only met the basic need for a meal and help with school work but could provide a safe place for them to simply enjoy themselves and have fun.