The Bethany Project helps the most underprivileged, deprived and vulnerable members of Tanzanian society, especially orphaned children, providing education where possible. It carries out this work with love, commitment and compassion.

They had an emergency need to
 replace two broken water pumps. One of
them was powered by the main utility and the
 other was solar powered.

The villagers come 
for miles to use the purified water (they use a UV filtration system) rather than the dirty water from the Lake (Victoria); but since the pump lost it’s power we have only been able to supply the children’s home (and a few nearby villagers). Both pumps had failed to work and people had to fetch water by bucket from the Lake.

Your donations have changed this. We have granted £2,929.40 ($4,603.00 USD). This will give the children at the Bethany childrens’ home and the local villagers clean drinking water which will stop disease and illness’s which often occur through dirty water (diarrhoea, dehydration, cholera and typhoid etc).
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