Chester, UK - Options Pregnancy Crisis Service - equipment and furniture

Glastonbury, UK - Crisis pregnancy service

Dunstable, UK - Twinkle Nursery equipment for center for Pre-school children.

Lancaster, UK - Debt Counseling

Longton Kitchen Project

We have granted £1,250 ($1,943 US) for the Longton Community Kitchen (Stoke-on-Trent, UK).

Dunstable Food Bank

The Dunstable foodbank is run in partnership with churches in Dunstable UK and surrounding villages. O2H gave a grant of £1,500 ($2,357.00 USD) to help them establish this new foodbank.

The Dunstable Food Bank from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

The foodbank network is part of The Trussell Trust, a Christian UK charity committed to community action against poverty and marginalisation in the UK and Bulgaria. Figures released by The Trussell Trust show that the
current economic climate is seeing many more people
struggle to put food on the table,
including families who are in
work. Over 45,000 children were fed by foodbanks in 2011-12.

Growing Stronger

O2H granted £3,000 ($4,714.00 USD) funding to help establish the charitable trust Growing stronger in the UK. There has not been a UK charitable body specifically funding medical research into therapeutic treatments for achondroplasia (dwarfism).

Growing Stronger in the USA has been established by parents of children who daily face this issue.

This grant helped establish a UK charity to continue fundraising and support their ground-breaking efforts in the USA. In order to get charitable status in the UK had to show evidence of an initial £5,000 of funds in the bank.

Before the grant was given, they had raised £2,000 and with our grant of £3,000 they have been able to achieve charitable status and now they are enabled to galvanise more funding support from individuals and charitable trusts. This initiative has the potential to make a life- changing difference to a minority population around the world.

The history of dwarfism has often meant that individuals have been marginalised in society, treated as ‘freaks’ and often institutionalised. In some societies today they are hidden and still placed in institutions because of their difference. Yet a person with dwarfism has the same mental capacity as you and me, their only difference is their disability.

Growing Stronger UK will not only impact medical research that will potentially improve the health and well-being of people with dwarfism, it will also seek to raise awareness and educate society that people with dwarfism deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. They are doctors, teachers, researchers, and have many other professions. It is surprising the ignorance that still exists in the UK and the world around this condition. Growing Stronger UK is committed to education and advocacy.

Both Andrew and Kristina Gray who are in New Life Church, Rugby, are trustees for Growing Stronger UK. For more information on Growing Stronger, visit the following web site:


£1,600 ($2,500) was granted to City Hearts, Liverpool: City Hearts aims to help and support and motivate vulnerable women to reach a turning point in life. They have started numerous projects with a view to fulfilling this aim. Projects include a 24-hour residential Recovery Programme and three houses across the UK offering support to the victims of Human Trafficking. Latest reports put the figure of those being held in slavery (human trafficking) at 27,000 world wide. This figure varies with sources, but is used by anti-human trafficking organisations in the USA. See

Human Trafficking Interview

City Hearts - Rescuing And Restoring The Most Vulnerable People In Our Nation from Global Horizons on Vimeo.

The O2H grant was for purchase of IT equipment for use in the safe houses in Liverpool
and by the outreach team to help facilitate the recovery process. Specific use includes: access to the Internet, job hunting, learning diary management skills, learning budgeting and other computer courses and software packages. Because the computers are in house, it helps move people focus on gaining skills that would:

Empower them to take hold of their own futures

Train them how to take the next steps towards their dreams practically

Accelerate the pathway to their goals increasing their skills in targeted areas

Decrease the chances of being re-trafficked

Minimize the risk of homelessness

Increase confidence and self belief thus decreasing the risk of returning to poverty

Educate them on how to find information, services and help independently

For more information, go to

Child With Detachment Disorder

£1,000 ($1,500) was granted to help a child in with a severe attachment disorder in the UK. £2,000 ($3,000) more came from an anonymous gift for a total of £3,000 ($5,500). This will enable an in-depth multidisciplinary assessment by an organization which specialises in children with attachment disorder, based in London. Specialist organisations working with Attachment Disorder children are very hard to find and this organization has an impressive track record of improving outcomes for both children and caregivers.

This child was removed from the mother by Social Services two years ago, at age 7, because of abuse and neglect. The mother was an alcoholic, had been convicted of violent assault several times, was a victim of domestic violence and neglected to feed, clothe and bathe her children on a regular basis. In addition there was the danger of a convicted rapist/paedophile in the mother’s home.

Currently, the child has violent outbursts for no apparent reason, lasting for up to an hour. The child’s behaviour is extremely unpredictable. The child finds it hard to sleep at night and is frequently angry and defiant, biting, kicking and punching the caregivers.

Children’s brains form in response to the interactions with the mother/caregiver. Networks are laid down in the first two years that all future social and emotional skills are built on. The child’s brain remains in a state of plasticity, where these links can still be forged up to the age of around 11.This means that there is still a two year window, in which it would be possible, with specialist support, for the ‘bonds of attachment’ to form and for this child to have the possibility of reaching full potential in life. This grant will give the tools to change this child’s life forever.

Barmouth Food Bank Project

£1,500 was granted to the Barmouth Food Bank. The food bank will be overseen by Barmouth Elim Pentecostal Church working in partnership
with the Trussell Trust.

Food is donated by schools, churches, businesses and individuals donate non-perishable, in-date food to the food bank. All food given out by food banks is donated.

‘Supermarket Collections’ have been one of the main ways that food is donated: These are food drives held at supermarkets where volunteers give shoppers a ‘food bank shopping list’ and ask them to buy an extra item or two for local people in crisis.

Volunteers sort food to check that it’s in date and pack it into boxes ready to be given to people in need. For more information on food banks, go to

Abergele District Food Bank

We granted £550 ($835) to the Abergele District Food Bank who had to relocate their food storage for the project to grow and to provide a safe and clean environment.

Since officially opening on 16th September 2013 they have fed OVER 800 people.

The largest percentage of users of the food bank have come from Abergele-Pensarn area, Kinmel Bay, Pentre Mawr and Rhyl. 59% of referrals have been as a result of benefit changes and delays in benefit payments. They also work with agencies to support people who suffer domestic violence.

The Welsh Foodbank Network Manager said, “The foodbank is well managed and is located in a very warm and welcoming environment” “Abergele District Foodbank has clearly developed an excellent reputation locally. The current healthy relationships with voucher holders is to be commended and used as a basis to build on”

Project 1 - Funding to support the costs of art therapy for an autistic child


Project 2 - Rugby Food Bank

We granted £1,500 ($2,330) for beginning a food bank in Rugby.

The churches in Rugby, UK are setting up the food bank. It is an amazing initiative and I (Diane Mansell – an O2H Board Member) am so excited that we will be bringing this to the people of Rugby – many of whom are in great need. 

It is a very ‘big society‘ idea, and allows the people of Rugby to help the people of Rugby.  As we reach out the church will be seen to be fleshing out Matt 25:35.  We will be touching the lives of the lost, the least and the last… here in Rugby, with a message that we care, that Jesus cares and they are not forgotten. 

We are doing this under the banner of the Trussell Trust based in Salisbury which operates as a franchise model equipping churches to deliver this to their location.

You may well have heard of foodbanks as they have received huge press coverage locally and nationally and last year provided emergency food to over 60,000 people in crisis.  This is emergency relief – not long term help – clients are sign posted to other agencies who will assist in the long term. The majority of clients come because of benefit delay, unemployment and low income.

Food is donated by the public via supermarket collections, harvest festival collections, church collections, etc – so it goes wider than just the Christian community and involves the local community helping their local community.  Clients are referred through a vouchers scheme issued by front line agencies such as CAB, social workers, head teachers, children’s centres etc.  They are allowed up to 3 vouchers in a year each giving 3 days worth of long life nutritional food for all the members of the household.

Here in Rugby we aim to open for food distribution in mid March but there is much to be done before then.  We are still locating a storage facility for the tons of food we will need to collect.  We are now contacting the agencies and making the public aware of the scheme through press releases etc.  However, as with any new operation there are significant start up costs and this is where I believe O2H could play a valuable part in bringing much needed emergency relief to many people in Rugby.
There are two websites to learn more about the foodbank network and the Trussell Trust.

Strong & Mighty Max Books £2,662 ($3,600)

The printing costs of Strong and Mighty Max (a revised edition) features learning activities for schools to facilitate discussion around disabilities and differences.

Strong and Mighty Max is a children’s picture book that raises awareness about a rare genetic condition/disability ‘achondroplasia’, more commonly known as dwarfism. The new edition will feature the original story with added learning activities, which will learning activities, which will be geared towards key stage one and key stage two.

The book’s first edition has sold about 1,000 copies which sold out. This application specifically requests funding for printing the revised edition.

The project also includes a website which will enable the author to self-distribute and engage with schools through online learning activities and downloads which will be directly linked to the book. The project has engaged with parents of children born with disabilities and a national support charity ‘The Restricted Growth Association’ who have emphasized the urgent need for further education in schools to raise awareness about people who are born different.

People who purchased the book say it has made a positive difference to the life of their child. Parents have used the book to educate peers of their child; to prepare them for starting school; and to explain their disability in a simple way which other children will understand. The book has empowered children who found accepting their difference/disability difficult. It has helped boost confidence and self-esteem; enabling them to clearly relate to their friends. The fact that the lead character in the book has been born just like them and has big dreams, has encouraged them to look to the positives of their condition.

Footsteps Stay & Play, Rugby, UK £3,000 ($4,071)

A Stay and Play children’s and caregiver’s group has been started at New Life Church Rugby. Young mums/dads/caregivers have highlighted the need for a safe place to come and stay with their children where they can make friendships and their children can play.

There is also a great need for caregivers who are new to the area and English is not their first language, to have a place to come where they feel welcome (there are no established cliques). They have started with one morning a week to measure what the demand will be. Their sense is that the need is great in Rugby. In the future, they want to reach out in other areas such as parents and caregivers who have special needs children, parenting courses and other outreach needs in the community.

This group will be supportive to all sectors of the community. Their aim is to reach out to the vulnerable in society who feel marginalized.

O2H has agreed to a grant of £3,000 ($3,982) to help building a clinic for the homeless in Rugby, UK.

Hope4 aims to relieve poverty among homeless and badly-housed people in the Borough of Rugby; and works to prevent homelessness.

Hope4’s strategies are:

    Run a day centre, the Hope Centre, for homeless and badly-housed people.
    Run a ‘food ministry’, Hope4U, providing hot food and drinks to adults in need.
    Oversee the work of the Rugby Food Bank.
    Run a Winter Shelter providing supper, beds and breakfasts for up to 15 rough-sleepers a night during the winter months.
    Work with local agencies that help homeless people, or people in danger of becoming homeless.
    Influence the homeless support projects implemented by Rugby Borough Council.
    Operate a clinic.

The charity is expanding the work at the Centre having to employ more staff, deliver new services including training and a basic health care clinic.

They will employ a part time nurse and other health care specialists such as a podiatrist and chiropractor and substance misuse specialists. In order to facilitate these additional services, the remaining part of the building is being refurbished.

The O2H grant allows them to build the clinic space in their facility.