Category: USA 2018 National Leaders' Retreat

Alan Scotland Session 1

Why has the church through the ages taught less about the Kingdom of God than Jesus did? God is not old but he is ancient. Meaning, that God knows what needs to be done here and now. Alan spoke at the USA National Leaders' retreat March 9-10, 2018.

Michael Goheen Session 1

Session 1 - The Missional Vocation of God’s People in the Midst of the World. Mission is not primarily about going. Nor is mission primarily about doing [or saying] anything. Mission is about being. It is about being a distinctive kind of people, a countercultural community among the nations. - Howard

Michael Goheen Session 2

Session 2 - The Missional Church and a Missionary Encounter with Culture. Western modernity may be a much deadlier foe than any previous counter-religious forces in human history. (A. Gilbert) The church is awakening slowly to the fact that modernity is the most powerful enemy it has faced in its two

Michael Goheen Session 3

Session 3 - Missional Church, Theological Education, and Discipleship. It was not just that the theological schools of the Third World needed to be brought up to the “best” western standards. It was the question whether these standards really are the best; whether the models of ministerial formation

Questions & Answers

The Questions & Answers were at the USA National Leaders' retreat March 9-10, 2018

Women In Lifelink - John Leitzel

Clarifying our value of women in ministry in Lifelink USA. Why are we talking about Women in Lifelink? We recognize we’ve been failing to adequately promote the full expression of ministry gifts by women among us. It matters for our mission, the multifaceted expression of Christ in the world. It matters

Church On Mission - Josh Mitchell

Josh gave a charge to the leaders to go in God's power of the Holy Spirit to do mission to the culture we live in. Josh spoke at the USA National Leaders' retreat March 9-10, 2018

Alan Scotland Session 2

We are often afraid of the changes in our culture. We do need to look out and see our culture but we must look up to the Holy Spirit to understand what He wants to empower us to do. In this, remember, we are not alone, but we are together in a covenant relationship with Jesus. Alan spoke this message at